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Based in North East Scotland, I am another refugee from conventional landscape photography. I moved to abstraction in many art forms (I paint in acrylics and digitally as well as photos), to attempt to break down conventional “rules” and find an abstracted simplified connection to the key elements that draw me to a subject, be it nature, still life or urban. My themes tend to be fluid, ranging from the abstracted aesthetic beauty of adjacent colour, shape and texture, to more specific aspects of life that concern me.
My fundamental tool is the camera. My only guideline I tend to adopt is that an image always starts in camera, normally through multi exposure and/or ICM. Thereafter I prefer to introduce other digital elements, ideally created by myself. This includes scanned abstract paintings, my digital art and my own textures.

“If I choose abstraction over reality, it is because I consider it the lesser chaos.” – Robert Brault
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